GRE Word List



The meaning of the word drab is slattern.

Random words

ludicrousamusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
stanchto check or stop the flowing of
dolorouscausing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief
incursiona hostile entrance into a territory : raid
helma lever or wheel controlling the rudder of a ship for steering
horoscopea diagram of the relative positions of planets and signs of the zodiac at a specific time (as at one's birth) for use by astrologers in inferring individual character and personality traits and in foretelling events of a person's life
timbrethe quality given to a sound by its overtones: such as
debauchto corrupt by intemperance or sensuality
repressto check by or as if by pressure : curb
gerrymanderthe act or method of gerrymandering