GRE Word List


showing things as they actually appear in real life

The meaning of the word representational is showing things as they actually appear in real life.

Random words

agitatestir up; disturb
downcastdisheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
witlesslacking intelligence or wit; foolish; idiotic
self-righteoussure of one's own righteousness; moralistic
masonone who builds or works with stone or brick; N. masonry: work of a mason; stonework or brickwork
agoghighly excited; intensely curious
ravelfall apart into tangles; entangle; unravel or untwist
affectedartificial; pretended
ambienceenvironment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
aggregatesum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars