GRE Word List


teach (ideas or principles); instill

The meaning of the word inculcate is teach (ideas or principles); instill.

Random words

imbuesaturate(soak thoroughly); fill; Ex. imbue someone with feelings
veneraterevere; treat with great respect
coronerpublic official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
genericcharacteristic of an entire class or species; of a genus
trickleflow in drops or in a thin stream; N.
upright(sitting or standing) straight up; honest; moral
dispensedistribute; prepare and give out (medicines); N. dispensation: dispensing; religious system; official exemption from an obligation or a rule
oratorpublic speaker
condignadequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
extenuateweaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)