GRE Word List


operatic singer; prima donna

The meaning of the word diva is operatic singer; prima donna.

Random words

satesatisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy
quellsuppress; put an end to; put down forcibly; extinguish; quiet; Ex. ``Army Quells Rebellion'' in newspaper; CF. kill
vernacularliving language (as compared to the official language); language spoken in a country or region; natural style; Ex. lapse into the vernacular
fluctuatewaver; shift; rise and fall as if in waves; change or vary irregularly
exemptnot subject to a duty or obligation; free from a duty; V.
stalematedeadlock; situation in which further action is blocked
implicitunderstood but not stated; implied; unquestioning and complete; Ex. implicit trust
cameoshell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
smartintelligent; quick and energetic; fashionable; Ex. smart pace/restaurant; V: cause or feel a sharp pain; N: smarting pain
feasiblepractical; able to be carried out; practicable