GRE Word List


saying farewell; expression of leave-taking

The meaning of the word valediction is saying farewell; expression of leave-taking.

Random words

siltsediment deposited by running water (at the entrance to a harbor or by a bend in a river)
deleteerase; strike out
incorporealwithout a material body; insubstantial
erodeeat away; wear away gradually by abrasion; Ex. The sea erodes the rocks.
collusionconspiring in a fraudulent scheme to cheat or deceive others; V. collude
mercurialcapricious; quick and changing; fickle; containing the element mercury; Ex. mercurial temper; CF. mood
zenithpoint directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point
indeliblenot able to be erased
arablefit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
irreproachablebeyond reproach; blameless; impeccable; Ex. irreproachable conduct