GRE Word List


hollow; curved inwards; OP. convex

The meaning of the word concave is hollow; curved inwards; OP. convex.

Random words

atonemake amends for; pay for; Ex. atone for
addendumaddition; appendix to book; something that is added (as at the end of a speech or book)
nauseouscausing nausea; feeling nausea
saturninemorose; gloomy; Ex. Do not be misled by his saturnine countenance.
loiterhang about/around; stand idly about; linger
avuncularof or like an uncle
peccadilloslight offense or fault; CF. sin
parryward off a blow; deflect; Ex. He parried the unwelcome question very skillfully; N. CF. Έ·΄Β΄Ω΄Β °³³δΐΜ ΎΖ΄Τ
stunmake unconscious or numb as by a blow; amaze; astound
executorperson designated to execute the terms of a will; ΏΉΌϊ ΐΫΗ°ΐΗ Α¦ΐΫΐΪ