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GRE Word List


remove water from; dry out

The meaning of the word dehydrate is remove water from; dry out.

Random words

bustpiece of sculpture showing a person's head, shoulders, and upper chest; V: break up; arrest; Ex. crimebuster
cameoshell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
glamorcompelling charm; ADJ. glamorous
incapacitatedisable; N. incapacity: lack of capacity
dictumauthoritative and weighty statement (made by a judge in court); saying; maxim; CF. obiter dictum: incidental, nonbinding remark (something said in passing)
haughtinesspride; arrogance; ADJ. haughty
misadventuremischance; ill luck; Ex. death by misadventure
rare(of air) thin in density; rarefied; Ex. rare air of the mountains
unwarrantedunjustified; having no justification; groundless; baseless; undeserved