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GRE Word List


without feeling; lacking sense; foolish

The meaning of the word insensate is without feeling; lacking sense; foolish.

Random words

unsightlyugly; unpleasant to look at
lividlead-colored; black and blue (as from a bruise); ashen; enraged; extremely angry
husbanduse sparingly; conserve; save; Ex. husband one's energy; CF. house holder
homogeneousof the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
discernibledistinguishable; perceivable; Ex. discernible improvement
implicateincriminate; involve incriminatingly; show to be involved (in a crime); Ex. implicate someone in the crime
hereafterlife after death
heedpay attention to; N: close attention
slewlarge quantity or number; Ex. slew of errands left