GRE Word List


censure; rebuke; N. reproof

The meaning of the word reprove is censure; rebuke; N. reproof.

Random words

divergevary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating
irrepressibleunable to be restrained or held back; impossible to hold back
friezeornamental horizontal band on a wall
contingentdependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency
executiveperson having administrative authority; one branch of government executing laws; ADJ: relating to executing
cuisinestyle of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
leoninelike a lion
factiousinclined to form factions; causing dissension
grousecomplain; fuss; grumble; grouch; N: plump chickenlike game bird
decadencedecay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent