GRE Word List


unpredictable; fickle

The meaning of the word capricious is unpredictable; fickle.

Random words

ecstasyrapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy
proneinclined to; likely to (suffer); prostrate; lying with the front downward; Ex. prone to disease/make mistakes; Ex. accident-prone
superannuatedretired or disqualified because of age; outmoded; obsolete
obsessiverelated to thinking about something constantly; of an obsession; preoccupying; N. obsession: compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea; compulsive idea; V. obsess: preoccupy the mind of excessively
evocativetending to call up (emotions, memories)
artisana manually skilled worker
gaitmanner of walking or running; speed
pulmonarypertaining to the lungs
discombobulateddiscomposed; confused