GRE Word List


resulting from compulsion

The meaning of the word compulsive is resulting from compulsion.

Random words

verisimilarhaving the appearance of truth or reality; probable or likely to be true; plausible
congenialpleasant; friendly; in agreement with one's tastes and nature; Ex. congenial weather
historicalconnected with history; based on events in history (whether regarded as important or not)
corollarynatural consequence (which naturally follows from something else)
affirmationpositive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
illusionmisleading vision or visual image; false idea or belief; CF. delusion
solicitentreat; request earnestly; seek to obtain; Ex. solicit votes; CF. solicitor: one who solicits; chief law officer
far-fetchedtoo improbable to be believed; implausible; Ex. far-fetched story
evenhandedimpartial; fair
mustergather; assemble (troops); Ex. muster up one's strength for the ordeal; N.