GRE Word List


firmness; persistence

The meaning of the word tenacity is firmness; persistence.

Random words

conjugalpertaining to marriage
tentativenot fully worked out or developed; provisional; experimental; uncertain; hesitant; not definite or positive; Ex. tentative agreement/reply
sheerpure; thin and transparent; very steep
brawlnoisy quarrel
plutocracysociety ruled by the wealthy
insuperableinsurmountable; unbeatable; Ex. insuperable difficulties
economyefficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources
reprehensibledeserving blame; blameworthy; V. reprehend: blame
factiousinclined to form factions; causing dissension
demurobject (because of doubts, scruples); raise an objection (showing qualms); hesitate; Ex. demur at the idea of working on Sunday