GRE Word List


small bunch (of hair); faint streak (of smoke)

The meaning of the word wisp is small bunch (of hair); faint streak (of smoke).

Random words

loftroom or space under the roof; attic
winsomecharming (in a childlike way); agreeable; gracious; engaging
dogmaticopinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal
cryptsecret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)
assumptionsomething taken for granted; the taking over or taking possession of; Ex. her assumption of power; V. assume
countenanceapprove; support; tolerate; Ex. countenance his rude behavior; N: face; appearance
parodyhumorous imitation; spoof; takeoff; travesty; V.
consistencyabsence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
franchiseright or privilege granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory