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GRE Word List


small bunch (of hair); faint streak (of smoke)

The meaning of the word wisp is small bunch (of hair); faint streak (of smoke).

Random words

piedpiebald; variegated(many-colored); multicolored
dexterousskillful; skill in using hands or mind; N. dexterity
ramificationbranching out; subdivision; one branch of a system; one of the results following from an action or decision; Ex. ramifications of a business/the decision
stipulatestate as a necessary condition (of an agreement); make express conditions; specify; Ex. He stipulated payment in advance
dofftake off; OP. don
brandishwave around (a weapon); flourish
indefatigabletireless; untiring; showing no sign of getting tired
dulcetsweet sounding; pleasing to the ear; melodious
barristercounselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
correlationmutual relationship