GRE Word List


great mass of falling snow and ice

The meaning of the word avalanche is great mass of falling snow and ice.

Random words

sensitizationprocess of being made sensitive or acutely responsive to an external agent or substance; V. sensitize: make or become sensitive
unsavorydistasteful; disagreeable; morally offensive; Ex. unsavory activity/reputation
doomcondemnation to a severe penalty; ruin; fate (esp. a tragic or ruinous one); V.
pastoralrural; of rural life; idyllic; of a pastor
demeandisgrace; humiliate; debase in dignity; behave
botchmismanage; blow
revileattack with abusive language; vilify(slander)
skinflintmiser; stingy person
scotchstamp out(put an end to); thwart; hinder; Ex. scotch the rumor; CF. cut; CF. Θ°΅Ώΐ» ΑΩΐΜ΄Β ΐΗΉΜ
oustexpel; drive out; force out; N. ouster: ousting