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GRE Word List


harmful; CF. obnoxious

The meaning of the word noxious is harmful; CF. obnoxious.

Random words

lienlegal claim or right on a property
misdemeanorminor crime; misdeed; wrongdoing
requiemmass for the dead; dirge
trinketknickknack; bauble; cheap jewelry
coteriegroup that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
quarrydig into (to get stone); N: mine; รคผฎภๅ
murmurlow, indistinct, continuous sound; V. CF. mumble
philistinenarrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain; uncultured person who is indifferent to artistic and cultural values; member of an ancient people in Palestine; OP. aesthete
atrophywasting away; V: weaken and lose flesh and muscle (through lack of blood or lack of use)
astralrelating to the stars