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GRE Word List


generous; charitable; having a wish to do good

The meaning of the word benevolent is generous; charitable; having a wish to do good.

Random words

baroquehighly ornate
remittanceremitting of money; amount of money remitted
balkstop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
sneakmove, give, or take in a quiet, stealthy way; N: one who sneaks; ADJ. sneaky
errantwandering (esp. in search of adventure); straying from proper moral standards; Ex. knight-errant
conscientiousscrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
obeseexcessively fat; N. obesity
alcovenook; recess
inclineslope; slant; Ex. steep incline