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GRE Word List


compulsive habitual need

The meaning of the word addiction is compulsive habitual need.

Random words

ambienceenvironment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
ascriberefer; attribute; assign
sobrietymoderation (especially regarding indulgence in alcohol); seriousness
prehensilecapable of grasping or holding (esp. by wrapping around); Ex. prehensile tails
assimilateabsorb; take (food) into the body and digest it; understand (knowledge) completely and be able to use properly; cause to become homogeneous (the people of a country or race in the wasy of behaving or thinking)
rostrumraised platform for speech-making; pulpit
hapchance; luck
circumscribelimit; confine; draw a line around
retroactivetaking effect before its enactment (as a law) or imposition (as a tax); (of a law) having effect on the past as well as the future
unrulydisobedient; lawless; difficult to control