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GRE Word List


joyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival

The meaning of the word festive is joyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival.

Random words

stratagemdeceptive scheme; clever trick
incumbentobligatory; imposed as an obligation; currently holding an office; N: person who holds an office
vivid(of light or color) bright and distinct; evoking lifelike mental images; Ex. vivid red hair/description
suspendcause to stop for a period; interrupt; hold in abeyance; defer; hang from above; exclude for a period from a position; Ex. suspended state; Ex. suspend judgment; Ex. suspended from the team; N. suspension
juggernautirresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path
troughlong narrow container for feeding farm animals; lowest point (of a wave, business cycle, etc.); long narrow depression as between waves
vixenfemale fox; ill-tempered woman; CF. shrew
penduloushanging; suspended
mentorcounselor; teacher
disparitydifference; condition of inequality; OP. parity