GRE Word List


marriageable; of marriageable age; CF. connubial

The meaning of the word nubile is marriageable; of marriageable age; CF. connubial.

Random words

mammothgigantic; enormous
lavishliberal; wasteful; generous or wasteful in giving or using; abundant; profuse; great; Ex. decorated lavishly; V. give in abundance
pervasivespread throughout; V. pervade: (of smells, ideas, feelings) spread throughout; charge; permeate
maulhandle roughly; batter; injure by beating; Ex. mauled by his overexcited fans; N: heavy long-handled hammer
communesmall (often rural) community whose members share work and income; V: exchange thoughts or feelings; Ex. commune with nature
pulmonarypertaining to the lungs
recidivismhabitual return to crime (even after being punished); N. recidivist
natalconnected with birth; CF. prenatal; CF. postnatal
victualsfood; provisions; V. victual: provide with food
equityfairness; justice; OP. inequity