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GRE Word List


plundering; destruction

The meaning of the word depredation is plundering; destruction.

Random words

fellcut or knock down (a tree or a person); bring down (with a missile)
verdantgreen; covered with green plants or grass; lush in vegetation; Ex. verdant meadows
posthumousafter death (as of child born after father's death or book published after author's death); coming or occurring after one's death; Ex. posthumous fame/novel
scofflaugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats
primproper to the point of affectation; very precise and formal; exceedingly proper
podiumpedestal; raised platform
hailfrozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail
glutinoussticky; viscous; gluey
pedestrianordinary; dull; unimaginative(lacking in imagination); going on foot; Ex. pedestrian prose; N.
minutiaepetty or trivial details; CF. minutia