GRE Word List


the quality or state of being turbulent: such as

The meaning of the word turbulence is the quality or state of being turbulent: such as.

Random words

deadlocka state of inaction or neutralization resulting from the opposition of equally powerful uncompromising persons or factions : standstill
frictionthe rubbing of one body against another
pestilentialcausing or tending to cause pestilence : deadly
episodicmade up of separate especially loosely connected episodes
obsessivetending to cause obsession
perorationthe concluding part of a discourse and especially an oration
unfeignednot feigned or hypocritical : genuine
insalubriousnot conducive to health : unwholesome
yeomanan attendant or officer in a royal or noble household
nostruma medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness