GRE Word List


marked by vainglory : boastful

The meaning of the word vainglorious is marked by vainglory : boastful.

Random words

adventitiouscoming from another source and not inherent or innate
amuleta charm (such as an ornament) often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol to aid the wearer or protect against evil (such as disease or witchcraft)
spatialrelating to, occupying, or having the character of space
metricalof, relating to, or composed in meter
entourageone's attendants or associates
quaintpleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar
exhaleto rise or be given off as vapor
insurmountableincapable of being surmounted : insuperable
asperityroughness of manner or of temper : harshness of behavior or speech that expresses bitterness or anger