GRE Word List


tilt (as of a ship); lean over (to one side)

The meaning of the word list is tilt (as of a ship); lean over (to one side).

Random words

askancewith a sideways or indirect look (with disapproval or distruct); Ex. look askance at
victualsfood; provisions; V. victual: provide with food
aproposwith reference to; regarding; Ex. remarks apropos (of) the present situation; ADJ. ADV.
notchV-shaped cut in a surface; V.
repeldrive away; disgust; Ex. repel the attack/moisture; Ex. repelled by the dirty room; CF. repulsion
juridicalof the law and its administration; CF. judicial: of courts of law; CF. judiciary
lagoonshallow body of water or lake near a sea; lake separated from a sea by sandbars or coral reefs
shufflemix together; jumble; move (something) from one place to another; slide (the feet) along the ground while walking; Ex. shuffle papers from one pile to another; N.
gruntutter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.
nullifymake invalid; make null; invalidate