GRE Word List


something that discourages or deters

The meaning of the word deterrent is something that discourages or deters.

Random words

compliantreadily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others; yielding; comforming to requirements
pharisaicalpertaining to the Pharisees, who paid scrupulous attention to tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical
engendercause; produce; give rise to
spatulabroad-bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing
doursullen; gloomy; stubborn
erraticodd; irregular in movement or behavior; unpredictable
treasurekeep as precious; cherish
dehydrateremove water from; dry out
sanctionapprove; ratify; N: permission; penalty intended to enforce compliance
indeterminateuncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite