GRE Word List


small poor bed; Ex. straw pallet

The meaning of the word pallet is small poor bed; Ex. straw pallet.

Random words

rickety(of buildings) likely to break or fall apart; of rickets; CF. rickets; CF. vitamin D
pachydermthick-skinned animal
pulchritudebeauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous
undermineweaken gradually; sap; dig a mine beneath
officiousmeddlesome; excessively pushy in offering one's services; overly eager in offering unwanted services or advices; Ex. officious bellboy
regenta person who governs in place of a ruler who is ill, absent, or still a child; ADJ. Ex. the Prince regent
babblechatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
spectrumcolored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism; broad and continuous range; Ex. whole spectrum of modern thoughts
sententiouspithy; terse; concise; aphoristic
attireclothe; N: clothing; array; apparel