GRE Word List


go through or across

The meaning of the word traverse is go through or across.

Random words

recitalact of reciting publicly; detailed account; performance of music or dance (by a solo performer)
predecessorformer occupant of a post
takeoffburlesque; act of leaving the ground
obeisancebow (to show respect and obedience)
tantalizetease; excite by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach; torture with disappointment; CF. Tantalus: Greek mythological figure
purveyorfurnisher of foodstuffs; caterer; V. purvey: supply (eg. food); furnish; CF. provide
crestfallendejected; dispirited
anviliron block used in hammering out metals
torporlethargy; sluggishness; dormancy; ADJ. torpid: lethargic; lazy; inactive; (of an animal) dormant; hibernating
paletteboard on which painter mixes pigments(coloring matters)