GRE Word List


medieval chemistry

The meaning of the word alchemy is medieval chemistry.

Random words

gloss_overexplain away with the intention of deceiving or hiding faults
flighty(esp. of a woman's behavior) capricious; often changing, esp. from one lover to another; impulsive
inclementstormy; unkind; unmerciful; CF. clement
wry(esp. of an expression of the face) twisted; with a humorous twist (expressing displeasure)
multiplicitystate of being numerous or multiple; large number; Ex. multiplicity of details; ADJ. multiple: of more than one element
savorenjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality; N: taste or smell; distinctive quality
studiousgiven to diligent study
egotisticalegotistic; excessively self-centered(egocentric); self-important; conceited