GRE Word List


hint; slight indication

Essential English Words with Meanin...
Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #3

The meaning of the word inkling is hint; slight indication.

Random words

chaseornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
buffoonstupid person; clown
inanesilly; senseless; Ex. inane remarks; N. inanity
egregiousnotorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
embroilthrow into confusion; involve in strife, dispute, or quarrel; entangle; CF. imbroglio
disingenuousnot naive; not candid; sophisticated; worldly wise; OP. ingenuous
egoismexcessive interest in one's self; belief that one should be interested in one's self rather than in others; selfishness; ADJ. egoistic, egoistical
adventitiousaccidental; casual; happening by chance
drasticstrong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures
idylliccharmingly carefree; simple and happy; Ex. idyllic scene