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GRE Word List


red or white cell in the blood

The meaning of the word corpuscle is red or white cell in the blood.

Random words

exuberanceoverflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness; ADJ. exuberant: high-spirited and lively; growing abundantly and strongly
enmityill will; hatred; hostility
accoutreequip; N. accoutrement
prognosticatepredict (according to present indications)
soddenthoroughly soaked; dull or stupid as if from drink
lachrymoseproducing tears; tearful
sticklerperfectionist; person who insists things be exactly right
steepsoak; saturate; Ex. steep the fabric in the dye bath; ADJ: precipitous
disgruntlemake discontented
deployspread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically