GRE Word List


a minute particle

The meaning of the word corpuscle is a minute particle.

Random words

sentientresponsive to or conscious of sense impressions
clefta space or opening made by or as if by splitting : fissure
proprietythe quality or state of being proper or suitable : appropriateness
cornucopiaa curved, hollow goat's horn or similarly shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially with fruit and vegetables (such as gourds, ears of corn, apples, and grapes) and that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance
arraignto call (a defendant) before a court to answer to an indictment : charge
gushto issue copiously or violently
tycoona businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence : magnate
congenitalexisting at or dating from birth
derogatoryexpressive of a low opinion : disparaging
wearyexhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness