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GRE Word List


underwater explosive apparatus; V.

The meaning of the word torpedo is underwater explosive apparatus; V..

Random words

dismembercut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb
thwartblock or hinder; baffle; frustrate
iconoclasticattacking cherished traditions; N. iconoclast: one who attacks traditional ideas; one who destroys sacred images
deferencecourteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
circumscribelimit; confine; draw a line around
jaundicedyellowed; prejudiced (envious, hostile, or resentful) from long and disappointing experience of human affairs; Ex. with a jaundiced eye
distillrefine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
earmarkset aside (money or time) for a particular purpose
antediluvianantiquated; extremely ancient