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GRE Word List


underwater explosive apparatus; V.

The meaning of the word torpedo is underwater explosive apparatus; V..

Random words

defacemar; disfigure
relinquishgive up something (with reluctance); yield; release; Ex. relinquish power/the claim to the land/his hold on my arm
gravityseriousness; ADJ. grave
vexannoy; distress
headlonghasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.
hygienescience and practice of the promotion and preservation of health; ADJ. hygienic: showing careful attention to cleanness (to prevent disease); Ex. hygienic condition
embossproduce a design in raised relief; decorate with a raised design
spruceneat and trim in appearance; smart; Ex. Be spruce for your job interview; V.
scurrymove hastily; hurry; move briskly
tensionstretching; condition of being stretched; mental strain; strained relationship between groups or people