GRE Word List


food; CF. live

The meaning of the word viand is food; CF. live.

Random words

primordialexisting at the beginning (of time); rudimentary
crabbedsour; bad-tempered; peevish; difficult to read as handwriting
levitylack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity; lightness of manner
cynicalskeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness
ingenuousnaive and trusting; young; unsophisticated; candid
lampoonridicule; N: written attack ridiculing or satirizing a person, group, or institution
inanesilly; senseless; Ex. inane remarks; N. inanity
inquisitorquestioner (especially harsh); investigator; person making an inquisition
vibrantfull of vigor or energy; vibrating
disembarkdebark; go ashore (from a ship); unload cargo from a ship; CF. embark