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GRE Word List


empty; lacking

The meaning of the word devoid is empty; lacking.

Random words

rapturegreat joy and delight; ecstasy; ADJ. rapturous
provenderdry food for livestock; fodder
culinaryrelating to cooking or kitchen
mandatoryobligatory; compulsory; of a mandate
deterrentsomething that discourages or deters
loathedetest; ADJ. loathsome: arousing loathing; offensive; Ex. loathsome smell
headstrongwillful; stubborn; unyielding; determined to have one's own way; CF. no 'excessive'
swelter(of a person) suffer from oppressive heat; be oppressed by heat
terminologyterms used in a science or art; study of nomenclature
extrinsicexternal; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic

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