GRE Word List


accustom or familiarize; addict

The meaning of the word habituate is accustom or familiarize; addict.

Random words

shovepush forward; push roughly; Ex. pushing and shoving to get on the bus; N.
obtuseblunt; not sharp; stupid; slow in understanding
daintydelicate; delicately beautiful; fastidious; not easy to please; Ex. dainty movement/dress
stampedesudden frenzied rush (of panic-stricken animals or people); V: participate in or cause stampede; Ex. stampede before the price rises
elucidateexplain; make clear; clarify; enlighten; CF. lucid
menialsuitable for servants; lowly; mean; N: someone who does menial work (esp. servant in a house)
rancorlong-lasting hatred; bitterness; Ex. negotiation without rancor; ADJ. rancorous
abstemioussparing in eating and drinking; temperate
largessgenerous gift (given to people who do not have enough)
dominantexercising the most influence; high and easily seen; stronger than the other part of a system; not recessive