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GRE Word List


somewhat saline

The meaning of the word brackish is somewhat saline.

Random words

asepticpreventing infection; having a cleansing effect
effervescenceinner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
dartmove or throw suddenly and quickly
sybaritelover of luxury; person devoted to pleasure and luxury; CF. Sybaris: an ancient Greek city in Italy
leewayroom to move; margin; latitude; Ex. leeway for the deadline
coevalliving at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age
flutedhaving vertical parallel grooves (as in a pillar); V. flute: make long parallel inward curves in; N. flute: long rounded groove incised on the shaft of a column
rampslope; inclined plane or roadway (connecting two levels)
demeandisgrace; humiliate; debase in dignity; behave
rusticatebanish to the country; dwell in the country