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GRE Word List


touch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter; please

The meaning of the word tickle is touch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter; please.

Random words

groomman employed to take care of horses; V: make neat and trim; clean and brush (an animal)
pedanticbookish; showing off learning; marked by an excessive ostentatious concern for book learning; N. pedantry
conformistperson who uncritically conforms to the customs of a group; OP. nonconformist: one who does not conform to accepted beliefs of norms
stipplepaint or draw with dots or short strokes
intuitionimmediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning; ADJ. intuitive; V. intuit: know by intuition
manifoldmany in number or kind; numerous; varied
swear-wordword considered offensive; Ex. ``bloody''
annuityyearly allowance
chameleonlizard that changes color in different situations
resumptiontaking up again; recommencement; V. resume: begin or take up again; take or occupy again; Ex. Kindly resume your seats.