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GRE Word List


set free; liberate

The meaning of the word emancipate is set free; liberate.

Random words

obituarydeath notice (esp. in a newspaper); ADJ.
wigglewriggle; move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
sherbetflavored dessert ice
retroactivetaking effect before its enactment (as a law) or imposition (as a tax); (of a law) having effect on the past as well as the future
vantageposition giving an advantage (such as a strategic point); CF. vantagepoint
assentagree; accept; N. assessment
circletsmall ring; band of gold, silver, jewel, etc. (worn on the head, arms, or neck as decoration)
invalidone incapacitated(disabled) by a chronic illness; ADJ: incapacitated by illness; not valid; null; V: allow to leave (a military force) because of ill-health
warrentunnels in which rabbits live; overcrowded living area; crowded conditions in which people live