GRE Word List


one who hates mankind; misanthropist

The meaning of the word misanthrope is one who hates mankind; misanthropist.

Random words

dermatologistone who studies the skin and its diseases
judiciaryjudicial branch of government
jabberchatter rapidly or unintelligibly
forerunnerpredecessor; one that comes before and indicates the approach of another
buxomfull-bosomed; plump; jolly
alliterationrepetition of beginning sound in poetry
beleaguerbesiege or attack (with an army); harass; beset
simpersmirk; smile in a silly way; smile affectedly
malaiseuneasiness; vague feeling of ill health (without any particular pain or appearance of disease)
discretionprudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; freedom of action or judgment; ADJ. discreet; CF. discretionary