GRE Word List


discolored by bruising : black-and-blue

The meaning of the word livid is discolored by bruising : black-and-blue.

Random words

inaugurateto induct into an office with suitable ceremonies
libidinoushaving or marked by lustful desires : lascivious
impotentnot potent : lacking in power, strength, or vigor : helpless
centigraderelating to, conforming to, or having a thermometric scale on which the interval between the freezing point of water and the boiling point of water is divided into 100 degrees with 0° representing the freezing point and 100° the boiling point
astutehaving or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly : mentally sharp or clever
accrueto come into existence as a legally enforceable claim
drasticacting rapidly or violently
contumaciousstubbornly disobedient : rebellious
perpetualcontinuing forever : everlasting