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GRE Word List


relating to stars; Ex. sidereal day

The meaning of the word sidereal is relating to stars; Ex. sidereal day.

Random words

nebulousvague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
libertinedebauched person; dissolute or licentious person; roue; CF. free
bovinecowlike; placid and dull; slow-thinking; calm
ebb(of the tide) recede; lessen; diminish; N. OP. flow: rise of tide
litigationlawsuit; N. litigant: one party in a lawsuit; V. litigate
bifurcateddivided into two branches; forked
infamousnotoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad; Ex. infamous behavior; N: infamy: infamous act; evil fame or reputation
pediatricianphysician specializing in children's diseases; N. pediatrics
stumpbase of a tree trunk left after the rest has been cut down; V: walk in a heavy manner; baffle; puzzle
mortifyhumiliate by embarassing excessively; shame; punish the flesh; discipline (one's body) by self-denial; Ex. mortified by her blunder; Ex. mortify the flesh; CF. cause to die