GRE Word List


especially suitable or compatible : fitting

The meaning of the word appropriate is especially suitable or compatible : fitting.

Random words

credentialwarranting credit or confidence
melancholydepression of spirits : dejection
conglomeratemade up of parts from various sources or of various kinds
accessoryan object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else
penetrateto pass into or through
edicta proclamation having the force of law
glitterto shine by reflection with many small flashes of brilliant light : sparkle
hackneyedlacking in freshness or originality
explicitfully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity : leaving no question as to meaning or intent
litotesunderstatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary (as in "not a bad singer" or "not unhappy")