GRE Word List


pertaining to a germ; creative; Ex. germinal idea

The meaning of the word germinal is pertaining to a germ; creative; Ex. germinal idea.

Random words

nauseatecause to become sick; fill with disgust; fill nausea
stokestir up a fire or furnace; feed plentifully
impugndispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); attack as false or questionable; challenge; gainsay; CF. fight
ligneouslike wood
prevaricatelie; hide the truth (by equivocating)
tauntderide or provoke; challenge in derision; N.
expurgateclean; remove offensive parts of a book
temporalof time; not lasting forever; limited by time; temporary; secular; worldly
magniloquentboastful; pompous
antlerbony growth on the head of a deer