GRE Word List


case for a sword blade; sheath

The meaning of the word scabbard is case for a sword blade; sheath.

Random words

claustrophobiafear of being locked in
gentlekindly; soft; mild; of good family
cognizanceknowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
affirmationpositive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
circuitclosed circular line around an area; circumference; regularly repeated journey from place to place
panegyricformal praise; encomium; Ex. I don't deserve such panegyrics.
surfeitsatiate; feed or supply to excess; stuff; indulge to excess in anything; N: surfeiting; excessive amount; Ex. surfeit of food
maternalmotherly; N. maternity: motherhood
qualifiedlimited; restricted; V. qualify: limit the meaning of; modify
ultimatumlast demand; last warning; last statement of conditions that must be met; Ex. They have ignored our ultimatum.