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GRE Word List


quick sharp reply; V.

The meaning of the word retort is quick sharp reply; V..

Random words

parchmentwriting material made from the skin of a sheep or goat
multilingualhaving many languages; fluent in several languages
grovelcrawl or creep on ground; remain prostrate; behave in a servile manner
germanepertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
lilliputianextremely small; CF. Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels
trepidationfear; nervous apprehension
wrathanger; fury
nominalin name only; of a name; trifling; (of a sum of money) very small; CF. nominate: propose as a candidate; appoint
frondfern leaf; palm or banana leaf
indifferentunmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad