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GRE Word List


venture; put in danger; risk; Ex. hazard a guess; N: possible source of danger

The meaning of the word hazard is venture; put in danger; risk; Ex. hazard a guess; N: possible source of danger.

Random words

compellingoverpowering; irresistible in effect; holding one's attention; that compels one to do something; Ex. a compelling adventure story; V. compel
piebaldof different colors; mottled; spotted in different colors (esp. in black and white); Ex. piebald horse; CF. pie+bald
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
psychosomaticof the influence of the mind on the body (esp. with respect to disease)
antiquatedobsolete; old-fashioned; outdated
shovepush forward; push roughly; Ex. pushing and shoving to get on the bus; N.
exhilaratinginvigorating and refreshing; cheering; V. exhilarate: make cheerful and excited; Ex. exhilarated by the ride in the sports car
clothalf-solid lump formed from a liquid (or blood); V.
stereotypeone regarded as embodying a set image or type; fixed and unvarying representation; standardized mental picture often reflecting prejudice; Ex. stereotype of the happy slave; V: make a stereotype of; represent by a stereotype; Ex. It is wrong to stereotype people; Ex. stereotyped answer
searburn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither