GRE Word List


terminology(system of specialized words); system of names or naming things

The meaning of the word nomenclature is terminology(system of specialized words); system of names or naming things.

Random words

opiatemedicine to induce sleep or deaden pain; something that relieves emotions or causes inaction; sleep-producing drug containing opium
plumberone who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)
mutesilent; without speech; not pronounced; unable to speak; N: one who is incapable of speech; V: soften the sound, color, shade of
monotonysameness leading to boredom; monotonousness; ADJ. monotonous; CF. monotone
baneposion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
affirmationpositive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
discretionprudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; freedom of action or judgment; ADJ. discreet; CF. discretionary
prowessextraordinary ability; military bravery; Ex. prowess in battle
wheedledeceive, persuade, or obtain by flattery; cajole; coax; Ex. wheedle a promise out of her
trystmeeting arranged by lovers; arrangement between lovers to meet