GRE Word List


of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment : discerning

The meaning of the word sagacious is of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment : discerning.

Random words

fuss:trouble or worry over trifles; make nervous; pay too much attention to; N: needless concern or worry (about a trivial thing); anxious nervous condition; display of attention; Ex. make a fuss over the baby
mosaica surface decoration made by inlaying small pieces of variously colored material to form pictures or patterns
reciprocalinversely related : opposite
dowdynot neat or becoming in appearance : shabby
inscrutablenot readily investigated, interpreted, or understood : mysterious
alimentaryof or relating to nourishment or nutrition
scrapfragments of discarded or leftover food
repastsomething taken as food : meal
run-downan item-by-item report or review : summary
valedictionan act of bidding farewell