GRE Word List


study of artifacts and relics of early mankind

The meaning of the word archaeology is study of artifacts and relics of early mankind.

Random words

jumblemix in a confused way
enterprisewillingness to take new ventures; initiative; business organization; plan (that is difficult or daring); Ex. their latest enterprise to sail round the world in a small boat
dodderingshaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
exhumedig out of the ground; remove from a grave
notableconspicuous; worthy of note; remarkable; important; distinguished; noted
natalconnected with birth; CF. prenatal; CF. postnatal
jauntycheerful and pleased with life; lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree; dapper in appearance; Ex. jaunty person/hat
flickerburn unsteadily or fitfully; move waveringly; N: flickering movement or light; brief sensation; Ex. flicker of excitement
psychicof psyche; mental; of or possessing extraordinary mental powers
bunglemismanage; blunder; botch; blow; spoil by clumsy behavior