GRE Word List


close relationship; emotional closeness; harmony

The meaning of the word rapport is close relationship; emotional closeness; harmony.

Random words

etymologystudy of word parts; study of the origins of words
benignkindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
indubitableunable to be doubted; which cannot be doubted; unquestionable
fetidmalodorous; foul
fleecewool coat of a sheep; V: shear the fleece from; rob by a trick; swindle; plunder
amendcorrect; change ; generally for the better
stanchstop or check flow of blood; Ex. stanch the gushing wound
curbchain or strap used with a bit to restrain a horse; something that checks; V: check; restrain
harryharass, annoy, torment (by repeated attacks); raid
meeksubmissive; patient and long-suffering