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GRE Word List


enjoy; savor; N: enjoyment; zest

The meaning of the word relish is enjoy; savor; N: enjoyment; zest.

Random words

flailbeat with or as if with a flail; move wildly; thresh grain by hand; strike or slap; toss about; N: threshing tool consisting of a stick swinging from the end of a long handle
quagmirebog; marsh; soft, wet, boggy land; predicament; complex or dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free oneself
cringeshrink back as if in fear; cower
vitiatespoil the effect of; make inoperative; corrupt morally
filialpertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect
cogitatethink over; ponder
confineshut in an enclosed space; restrict; keep within limits; N. confinement
uncannystrange; mysterious; Ex. uncanny knack
floweryfull of flowers; full of ornate expressions
disgruntlemake discontented

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