GRE Word List


exhibiting little interest or enthusiasm

The meaning of the word halfhearted is exhibiting little interest or enthusiasm.

Random words

crochetmake (a piece of needlework) by looping thread with a hooked needle; N. CF. crotchet
urbanesuave; refined in manner; elegant
abolishcancel; put an end to
equivocal(of words or statements) ambiguous; intentionally misleading; (of behavior) questionable; OP. unequivocal
miserlystingy; mean
serenitycalmness; placidity; ADJ. serene
evokecall forth (memory or feeling); Ex. That old film evoked memories of my childhood; N. evocation
minglemix together in close association
vigilantwatchful; on the alert; watchfully awake; alert to spot danger; N. vigilance
axiomself-evident truth requiring no proof